AAALab is a laboratory of product innovations

Since 2018, we've been helping companies launch new digital-products quickly and efficiently

  • Achievements
  • Team
  • Insights
  • Autonomy
  • Challenges

We've developed a systematic approach to innovation

for your business's growth and development

  • Market research
  • Designing a product form
  • Check of the demand
  • Designing mvp
  • Developing and launching mvp

Cooperation models

  • Product audit
  • Research and prototype
  • Product development
  • Subscriptions for innnovations
  • Improving the existing product

We ensure the quality of the services provided in a short time

  • Only 7-10 weeks

    This is how long development of a finished product with confirmed metrics in the AAALab takes

  • We don't replace your team.

    We help it in working on the boldest solutions

  • 55 experts in market, user and competitor research, interface design, digital product development, hypothesis testing and MVP launch
  • Growth team

    No technical debt, legal approvals and management bureaucracy. Just the implementation of projects of any complexity

  • One task — one team

    A dedicated team, assembled for a specific task, works on each project

  • We do not work with your competitors

Benefits from cooperation with AAALab

We develop the partner's product:

  • We are adaptive and self-sustainable – our task is not to design a monumental product, but to develop an existing one. We look for insights, shape, test and confirm hypotheses.
  • We are not immersed in the operating system, so we are more objective and it is easier for us to look for product growth points.
  • We conduct research independently and bring to you only those hypotheses that will give growth to the product.

Tell us about your task — we will find an effective solution!